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M Command Medium Cord Clips

3M Command
3M Command 17301 Medium Cord Clips
by Command
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Keep your cords tidy with the Command Cord Clips, a damage-free solution for organizing your home or office. These bundlers will keep the cords around your entertainment center, desk, or workshop safely out of the way. Thanks to the innovative Command Adhesive strips, you can mount and remount the bundlers without damaging your walls--no nails, tacks, or tape required.

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Cord Clips (Medium)

  • Damage-free hanging leaves no sticky residue or stains on your wall
  • Apply and remove cord bundlers in seconds
  • Hold strongly on a variety of surfaces, including paint, wood, and tile
  • Ideal for organizing cords around entertainment areas, desks, and workshops
3M Command Brand At a Glance
Command Cord Clips
A damage-free solution for organizing your home or office.
Innovative, Damage-Free Application
Easy application and removal keeps your walls damage free.
Command Products How-To
Ideal for Entertainment Centers and Workstations
The Command Cord Clips allow you to organize the cords and wires of your electronic devices and tools. When attached on the wall or base molding behind your entertainment center or workstation, the cord bundlers offer a no-fuss way to keep cords tucked away.

Extend the lives of your electronics by keeping cords and wires organized and untangled, and create a safer environment by keeping them away from high traffic areas in your home. Because the cord bundlers are removable and reusable, you can change your room layout and move things around while still maintaining a clean and organized space.

Simple Application and Damage-Free Removal
Command Cord Bundler and RefillApplying Command Bundlers to just about any flat, clean surface is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Allow the adhesive strip an hour to set after application, and you'll be ready to hang all your cords. An ideal alternative to nails, tacks, or tape, Command Adhesive holds strong, yet leaves no sticky residue or stains.

To remove, simply grasp the hook and stretch the Command Strip straight down until the base and strip release from the wall. With Command Hooks, redecorating or relocating items is easier than ever.

About Command Products: A Delight to Use and a Cinch to Remove
3M Command products offer simple, damage-free hanging solutions for many projects in your home and office. Simplify decorating, organizing, and celebrating with an array of general and decorative hooks, picture and frame hangers, organization products, and more.

Each Command product features innovative Command Adhesive Strips, which hold strongly on a variety of surfaces, including paint, wood, and tile. The adhesive removes cleanly, leaving no holes, marks, sticky residue, or stains. Replacement mounting strips are available, so you can use Command products again and again.

What's in the Box
Four Command Cord Clips and five small adhesive strips.

Cord Organization
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Cord Organizer Pack
Cord Organizer Pack contains:
Bullet 8 small cord clips
Bullet 8 medium cord clips
Bullet 1 cord bundler
Bullet 12 mini strips
Bullet 10 small strips
Bullet 2 medium strips
Small Cord Clips
Cord Diameter: 3/16 inches

Bullet8 clips, 12 strips

Cord Clips

Bullet4 clips, 5 strips
Medium Cord Clips
Cord Diameter: 3/8 inches

Bullet4 clips, 5 strips

Cord Bundlers

Bullet2 bundlers, 3 strips

No more dangerous, tangled cords behind your computers, appliances and entertainment centers! Command Cord Organizers are perfect for work and home offices, as well as entertainment areas, where they keep cords organized and safely out of the way. Command Cord Organizers hold strongly on a variety of surfaces, including paint, wood, tile and more. They also come off cleanlyno holes, marks, sticky residue or stains and if you need to re-organize your cords, it's as easy as applying a Command Refill Strip, so you can use them again and again! Contains 4 clips, 5 strips.

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