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Avanti Birthday Card Collection, Party Animals, -Count ()

Avanti Birthday
Avanti Birthday Card Collection, Party Animals, 6-Count (200070)
by Avanti Press

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Avanti's Party Animals Birthday Card collection puts the perfect exclamation point on Happy Birthday, party on, indeed! And these lively, celebratory animals are ready to rock so you better get the party started. Zany, slightly quirky and always clever, Avanti has captured the true essence of our inner party animal by giving us (drum solo, please): A cat swinging from a disco ball (don't they all?), a rhino literally crashing a party (so that's why party hats are pointed!), a chimpanzee that's sincerely hopeful his antics will go unremembered (don't count on it), a poor little fellow that demonstrates for once and for all that one really can eat too much cake, an orangutan in fine rock concert mode and a fabulous orange kitty that certainly knows how to dress for a party (really, there's no such thing as overdoing beads). The 4-3/4 x 6-1/2 inch cards are printed in the USA on heavy card stock with 35% recycled content, and have a special glossy finish. Since 1980, Avanti Press has built its reputation as a leader in the greeting card industry with unique and innovative designs sold around the world. But actually, Avanti is just a small group of crazy card nuts who have made a big splash doing what they do best - making people smile. Bonus Feature: Cards presented in reusable Mylar padded mailing envelope.

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